The ST Medical® is the world’s first therapy device for the respiratory system that is based on the principle forced respiration with controlled CO2 rebreathing (the so-called iso-capnic hyperpnoea). The device has been specially developed for medical respiratory applications and may only be used on the recommendation of a doctor.

Reimbursement by the CNS (National Health Fund in Luxembourg)

Upon prescription by a lung specialist in Luxembourg you can ask the CNS (National Health Fund) to reimburse the purchase of the ST Medical®. Send your prescription to or by fax to the number (+352) 40 78 50. You will be contacted directly as soon as your request gets approved by the CNS. Please note that the purchase is reimbursed (100%) only if the CNS approves your medical prescription.




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Do you need further information? Send an e-mail to and ask for scientific studies.