Several olympic champions, world champions and other top athletes have used SpiroTiger® to improve their performance.

SpiroTiger® is the only piece of training equipment which trains the endurance of your respiratory muscles. Respiratory training with SpiroTiger® is easy to learn and produces noticeable results even with little effort. The result: increased competitiveness, optimised, efficient breathing and generally improved fitness.

Specific endurance training of the respiratory muscles is not possible with­out special training equipment because hyperventilation soon occurs with the familiar symptoms of dizziness. What’s more, the performance and vol­ume of the lungs varies from person to person.

The sophisticated design of the SpiroTiger® is the ideal solution to these two difficulties. Firstly, SpiroTiger®’s clever air management system provi­des effective protection from dizziness and hyperventilation by feeding back some of the exhaled air. Secondly, different­ sized breathing bags and being able to set your own individual respiration rate make it easy to adjust the system to your personal requirements.


As a professional athlete, you can gain a decisive advantage. Get ahead in competitions. As an amateur, you can substantially increase your performance. Or just give your general fitness a boost. Respiratory training with SpiroTiger is worth your while whatever your sport.


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SpiroTiger is a registered product with CE marking

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